Computer Skills Sessions at Clinton Library in October

Librarians at the Henry Carter Hull Library will be offering one-on-one sessions in October to help you set up an email account, learn to Twitter, join Facebook or LinkedIn, and enhance your search skills using Google and online catalogs. Spaces are available Tuesdays from 1 - 3 pm.

Visit http://www.hchlibrary.org/ for more details and call David or Lisa at 860-669-2342 to register for a 20 minute session.

10/5/10- EMAIL - Don’t have an email account? We’ll get you set up and emailing like a pro!

10/12/10- FACEBOOK/LINKED IN - Learn about the most popular social networking sites and how they can improve your connections.

10/19/10- TWITTER - Join the fun of communicating in 140 characters and discover the power of a tweet!

10/26/10- SEARCH ENGINE SECRETS - Get some tips on how to improve your online searches. We will look at the HCH Library catalog, iConn, and Google.