Meet the Author Rosemary Harris on 5/20/2009

Author Rosemary Harris will be speaking about her latest mystery novel
The Big Dirt Nap at the Henry Carter Hull Library

at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, May 20, 2009.

Enjoy an evening with this dynamic author and find out what’s in store for her protagonist Paula Holliday, a garden sleuth with a penchant for discovering dead bodies.

This event is free and registration is required. Please call (860) 669-2342 to register or stop by the circulation desk.

The Big Dirt Nap

An all-expenses paid weekend at an upstate hotel with her oldest friend seems like a good idea to Paula Holliday. After all, gardening season doesn’t really kick in for another few weeks and she and Lucy Cavanaugh haven’t had a chance to catch up since they worked together in the television business. Besides, the hotel is playing host to a rare corpse flower which is just about to bloom. But when Lucy doesn’t show up and a dead guy does, it seems like less of a good idea.

Add some Ukrainian mobsters, a pair of ladykilling brothers, a bankrupt businessmen and a group of college kids who know how to party, and Paula has her hands full trying to find her friend and figure out what it is that everyone seems to think she knows . . .