HCH Library Announces Summer 2008 Children’s Room Programs

Summer is around the corner! Kids and their families will find a wide variety of educational and entertaining programs and materials to delight them.
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Join the Caterpillar Hunter as he explores a vegetable garden for some elusive bugs and more!Be a contestant in the Percy Jackson Trivia Contest! Dance and sing with Kathleen in K-Boogie Kids!Meet the author of "Hey, There, Stink Bug!", Leslie Bulion, and learn about the poetry process! Create your own bookmark! Bee amazed & learn about honey bees! See a live bee hive and sample some honey!Eat some pizza and discuss books in the Nutmeg Book Club!

Registration is required for some programs where space is limited and begins Wednesday, June 11, 2008, at 9:00am. Register by phone at (860) 669-2342, in person, or online.